Thursday, December 10, 2009

you never forget your first

dear friends (and by friends, i mean best friends... we are best friends, right?? the correct answer is "yes"),

today is a big day.  huge.  quite possibly the best day of my life.  i have been honored with my first award, and we all know you never forget your first anything.  (sidenote: my first kiss sucked by the way.  literally.  my face was sucked off.)  my first award does not suck, it's AWESOME and i have cape cod a-team to thank for it.  cape cod a-team is made up of two badass chicks, jessalyn and ellen.  read them, follow them, stalk them, love them.  they're awesome.  little did jessalyn and i know, we both spent our whole lives in private school and were taught by nuns in high school.  i knew i loved her, but now we're seriously meant to be.  her boyfriend doesn't know it yet, but they're getting married in 2011, and i'm gonna be there. is basically like for best friends.

so let's get this show going because i'm wearing the greatest red carpet gown at work right now.  an old prom dress in the middle of winter will definitely give you some weird looks at the office.  whatevs, i'm serious shit now.  i have an award.  without further ado, i hereby pass this award on to the following of my favorite daily digests:

life on a hanger: she's insanely funny, and there is not an article of her clothing that does not have an insane story to tell.  i'm not kidding.  i've known her in real life since we were eleven, and here we are a decade plus later and she's still making me pee my pants laughing.  i love her in real life and in bloggie life and you should too.

made you blush: now this is one hot mama.  seriously, the chick's beautiful and her posts always brighten my day.  plus, pretty people are fun to look at.  she loves all things pretty, all things girly, and all things sweet.  stalk follow her and say pretty things to her otherwise she will tell you to "get the fruit off her blog" - i'm serious, it says it.  check it out.

...i'm not quite done yet.  a shout out to my favorite daily stalks wouldn't be complete without shrieking at two of my very faves - MODG and ALME.  if for some strange reason, you don't know them, get to know them.  they both have cult-like followings, and i know ALME in real life.  an outing with her never disappoints.  read them.  now.  unless, of course you're offended easily.  they won't apologize.

(watch out now that i have an award, there's no stopping me.)


Shandal said...

Congrats on your first award!

jessalyn said...

p.s. one more thing i did not mention- my bestie since we came out of the womb is named meredith, spelled the same way even.

yay for winning awards! we will be as big as MODG and ALME someday!!

♥Aubrey said...

You're the BESTEST hun...and i must say i adore you just the same if not more :)-

Your pic...priceless. I hope you've got on the knee pads.

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

what a nice surprise! Thank you! I'm not THAT big of a bitch. maybe.

Annie said...

YAY for your first award!!
cute pic, hehe! ;)

Mrs Montoya said...

Super hot helmet! I found you from SFTC and am following now. You're a funny girl :)

bananas. said...

you never do forget your wait i think i just did. haha. kidding. congrats girl!

Cathy said...

Poppin' the cherry.


Going to check out those other blogs.


congrats on the award - i love MODG and mrs montoya - great bloggy gals - following you back

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Congrats on the award! Thanks for coming by my blog...I'm now following you, too!

LAN said...

:) :) congrats; nice picture with the helmet~~

Concord Carpenter said...

Congrats! I really like your blog and have decided to become one of your lovers!