Thursday, October 28, 2010

law school = hairy legs, lots of sugar, and charlie is back

first year of law school forces you to neglect a variety of things.  things you once held sacred and dear are taken over by the blob that is law school.

to give you an idea of how i'm doing (although i'm sure 97% of you don't care, i'm just narcissistic and am going to pretend that you do), i'm going to tell you a little bit about myself these days:

- i've stopped shaving my legs.  it takes time and i'm lazy.  so my vietnamese bff, ann, at my nail salon waxes them while i sit there and read contracts.  she talks the entire time, too.  as if her talking is going to distract me from ripping hair from my legs.

- my diet consists solely of sugar cookies and sweet potatoes.  please don't be like my doctor and judge.  she's convinced i'm going to turn myself into a diabetic before too long.  i like sugar and i like sweet.  what can i say.

- lest you have forgotten about charlie, he's baaaaaaaaaack!!!  i see him almost nightly now, and he has been in a MOOD lately.  for those of you who have forgotten charlie, or who didn't have the great pleasure of reading about charlie, here he is in all his pride and glory:

i've told him if he hasn't stopped scaring the bejeebies out of me, i'm going to turn him into one of these:

love and miss you all like a barnacle loves being on a humpback whale.

hugs and kisses.