Saturday, June 19, 2010

off to camp for the next seven days...

images via google and we heart it
i promise, i'll be back before you know it!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

FINALLY news you can use #21: the best thing that happens every four years - the WORLD CUP, yo

because i'm getting ready to leave you all for SO long (a whole week!!! ::gasps fill the blogosphere::), i thought it was only fair for me to show you my love by providing you with some very important news you can use!  

by now, you've probably forgotten what that even is, so let me remind you: some of you don't have time to or choose not to keep yourself in the know about important events.  no need to fear, in each edition of news you can use! i supply you with only the very best weekly news.  this news includes - but is not limited to - such important things as: world news, famies news, movie news, reality tv news, interesting and weird happenings news, things i happen to find important or freakishly cool news, and my news (aka - what's going on in my life news). i know. all really exciting stuff.  so sit back, grab a grande skinny vanilla soy latte or a bottle of wine and know you are will be more informed after reading this.  

please know that this week's edition is going to be a little different; really, the only news you can use! right now revolves around the world cup.  and of course, the most gorgeous world cup players.  i'll give a little background and some facts on the players and teams, though i'm sure hutch will be the only one who actually reads that.  the rest of you will just be looking, jaw-dropped and the pictures.  (and by the way, i'm half italian and half swiss; clearly, the italians take the cake on this whole contest.)

name: cristiano ronaldo
country: portugal
position: striker
cool facts: not only is he gorgeous, but he's an amazing player - he's the high paid footballer (soccer, for you americans) in the world.  and he looks amazing in armani underwear.  i'm sorry i can't say that is due to personal experience.
why we love him:not only is he gorgeous, but he's pretty amazing.  i don't particularly like his dating choices, but that doesn't change the fact that i like looking at him.

name: diego forlan
country: uruguay
position: striker

name: freddie ljungberg
country: sweden
position: goalkeeper
why we love him: he's swedish. he models underwear. he's athletic. he has his own blog. yep, he's got everything on our boyfriend checklist. and if he tastes anything like swedish fish, then i'm sure he's delicious.

name: fabio cannavaro
country: italy
position: defense (center back)
cool facts: he's the captain of the italian national team and won the FIFA world player of the year back in the 2006 world cup. 
why we love him: hellllllllo.  he name is freaking FABIO.  and look at him!  do i really need to elaborate????  didn't think so.

 name: carlos bocanegra
country: usa
position: defense (center back or left back)
why we love him: he's sort of kind of adorably cute.

name: yoann gourcuff
country: france
position: midfielder
why we love him: he's a bit of a newbie, but he's dang good.

have a good day.
you're welcome.

p.s. i recently joined a really sweet gym and signed up for some personal training sessions.  i'm planning to do a lot of intense cardio kickboxing courses as well as some MMA (mixed martial arts) training techniques.  my first class was last night and i can barely lift my arms today.  i'm considering taking a page out of shandal's book and posting some before and after type pics.  the thing is, i'm not sure how much my body is really going to change, at least in terms of weight.  i'm not looking to lose any weight, i'm just looking to get ripped (haha!) and really toned.  'm not doing p90x or any type of video training, so i'm wondering if i posted before and after pics would just be lame.  what do y'all think??  yea or nay??


and the giveaway winner is...

congrats, lady!!

*i used to choose a winner

p.s. news you can use! coming later today :)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

remember the photobooth pictures i mentioned yesterday? please don't judge.

yesterday i mentioned that i went to my ZTA big sis' wedding in austin, tx this past weekend.  it was a beautiful, outdoor (albeit a little warm and humid) and the bride was stunning.  i also mentioned that as the party favor for the guests was a photobooth.  let's just say quasi and i went to the photobooth more than once.  i put them in order of when they were taken.  you can tell where this was headed as the night wore on.  please, no judging; only pointing and laughing:

pee ess - don't forget... today's the last day to enter my giveaway yo!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

i miss you. you miss me. it's time to catch up a little.

gahhhh, to say i miss you all is a gross understatement.  work and life in general have been a whirlwind.  since work is ultra unexciting for those of you not interesting in politics and environmental sustainability, let's get personal.

- i had a huge work even last week that consumed my life for a good solid 72 hours.  the event was a great success, so it paid off.  getting a mani-pedi and massage afterward was nice, too.

- i spent the weekend in austin (my fave city in texas) at a sorority sister's wedding.  she got married at this awesome venue that specializes in serving only organic food.  totally up my alley.  it was great getting to see and catch up with old sorority sisters and friends.  i forgot my camera (something i nevvvvver do), but fortunately they had a photobooth which quasi and i had tons of fun in.  i'll try to scan the photobooth pics and post them soon.

ZTA - only the best wear a crown!

clearly, i missed the "solid-colored dress" memo.

- i'm headed to the lake on friday for a company "team retreat."  should be interesting...

- then on sunday, i leave for church camp for... get ready for it... A WHOLE WEEK.  i'm going as a camp sponsor for a whole week in the hill-country-middle-of-nowhere-texas-with-no-access-to-cell-phone-service-or-internet for a sold week.  crazy, i know.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

don't ever say i didn't do anything for you. giveaway time, my loverlies. *CSN stores $40 gift card*

i was recently laying on one of my platform beds checking emails when i received a message from CSN stores asking if i'd be interested in either doing a review of one of their products or a giveaway on my blog for my readers.  duh, i am always thinking of you guys, so i went with the second option.

for those of you who don't know or who are not familiar with amazingness that is CSN stores, i highly recommend you to get familiar with these stores. 

seriously, have you ever checked out any of their websites??  (CSN stores, all modern, cookware, or luxe by CSN stores)  i'm not kidding you - they have everything you can think of.  their website is seriously your one-stop shop kinda place.  wanting something for yourself?  got it.  your mother-in-law?  done.  your house, your kid, your dog, your bird, your tarantula, your backyard, your boss, your family member who is impossible to shop for??  i promise they have stuff for all of them, too.  don't believe me?  check it out for yourself:

need some new throw pillows because your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/dog/bird/cat/child thinks it's okay to sleep on and/or slobber all over decorative throw pillows.  you'll find what you need here.

bird need a mansion?  duh, every bird needs a mansion.  get it here.

your mother-in-law thinks you're a bad cook and you want to show her that although you may be a bad cook, you do have awesome taste in bake ware.  find it here.

ladies, got a hot date and you need a new pair of fierce heels?  go here.

see something you like up there?  well, lucky for one of you, CSN stores if offering one of (flash)'s readers a $40 gift card to get whatever your little heart desires!  

all you have to do is follow tha rules:

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for extra entries:
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you've got up to 7 ways you can be entered!  giveaway ends next wednesday, june 16th and a random winner will be chosen and announced the following day.


Monday, June 7, 2010

little brother graduates from high school. it's a really big deal.

this weekend was a whirlwind of graduation activities for my little brother.  i seriously can't believe in less than two months he will be moving away from home and off to college.  he may be bigger than me and playing college football next year, but he'll always be my little brother.

dinner celebration the evening before graduation.

my entire family.

congrats, little bro!!  i'm so proud of you!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

with summertime comes animals and bugs that suck my blood. and no, i am not talking about the cullens or salvatore brothers.

the little critters and animals in and around my neighborhood are starting to get to me.  seriously, i know how the actors in avatar must have felt because i'm pretty sure i live in pandora.  in the forest.  with lots of scary, teeth-baring animals that like to come out and play at night.

in addition to small rodents, i am also seriously hating things that crawl and/or fly.  with summertime (i.e. 100-plus degree temperatures and 110% humidity) now upon us, texas-sized, bloodsucking mosquitoes are out in full force.  i know you guys live all over the country and globe, and you too have your fair share of indigenous creepy crawlies, but i guarantee you, the mosquitoes i have recently seen flying around my home (and sometimes even are seriously HUGE.  like the size of small birds.

and i feel like every time i go into or out of my house, at least one mosquito flies in and i can't find the little bloodsucker.  so when i wake up in the morning, i've been waking up with a new bite!!  i can't use raid or bug spray because it sends me into a coughing/asthma/throat attack, so instead  think i may need to invest in a mosquito net to ward off that one or two pesky needle-flying creature.

here's the thing, i HATE mosquitoes.  like really really hate them.  so i'm going to put a sign over my front door that goes something like this:

that'll keep 'em away, i just know it.  as for the little rodents and critters, i'll come up with something and get back to you.