Saturday, August 28, 2010

i'm a hairless cow. or that's what google told me.

hokay, so here's the deal.  i just finished week deux of law school (law school is also know as - i'm going to not only take all of your money, but i am going to deprive you of any and all sleep, make you carry 4.36 million pound case books, stand up in class and recite one of the 7.83 million cases i assigned you the night before all while making you develop a stomach ulcer and hair loss due to stress)

i'm essentially going to school six days a week, thanks to these "highly recommended/basically mandatory" saturday seminars.  let's just say i've gone from having a very limited life to a non-existent life.  my limited human interaction involves teaching my 11th grade girls sunday school class sunday mornings.  (p.s. do any of y'all have 16-17 year old girls or know any 16-17 year old girls?  they are hysterical.  and chatty.  like even more chatty than i get when i ramble on to you guys in my post.  i've been blessed with a great group of about ten girls this school year, so i'm excited to see how the year goes.)

i guess i can't say it's all bad, though.  i'm really, really loving the actual content of what i'm learning and how to actually apply the law.  my passion for the law and and understanding it has only increased, so thank sweet Jesus i'm good at identifying my own interests.  you'd be shocked to know, quite a few people start law school and quit after the first week or semester saying, "this crap wasn't what i signed up for."  it's intense, suffice it to say.

that being said, i miss you all like cuhrazy.  i'll try to make the rounds when i can and i hope everyone is doing well.

let me leave you with this - when i typed in the word "stress" in google images, this is what i came up with.  weird.  i think google is trying to tell me something, and i'd be stupid not to listen since google and wikipedia are pretty much geniuses and right all the time.

i feel google may be predicting what i'm going to look like by the end of the year - a cow with no hair.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

paying $100,000 to read, write, and not sleep. excellent choice.

at the request of hotpantsTM, i'm interrupting my regularly scheduled case briefing and reading to bring you this blog post.  brief as it may be, it's still a post (with pictures, mind you) nonetheless.*

so here's the deal: my life is cuh-razy and i am bizzzay (that's crazy and busy, just in case you had trouble discerning my dirty street lingo).  let me break it down like this - i recently posted this on surferwoman's facebook wall:

yes, i already know - there is a disgusting typo in there.  the word "about" is supposed to be "AMOUNT" as in "amount of reading."  gahhh, i'm a failure.

so that's it in a grammatically incorrect facebook post - i've been ridic busy reading my life away.  kind of weird that i'm paying over $100,000 to read for hours on end (somehow have to remember and apply, more importantly, all of it).

and just because i know how much all of you freaky voyeurs like pictures, here's my desk - in shambles and unorganized omg:

and this is what bailey does while i study:

see, so there you have it, i'm a busy busy bee!  a busy bee who misses and loves all of you and will definitely make the rounds to read your blogs and catch up in y'all's lives in my "spare" time!
in other news, i start teaching 11th grade girls sunday school tomorrow which i'm super stoked about!  and quasi has an MMA fight tonight in vegas.  i'm a littttle nervous to say the least.  i'll let you know how it all goes down.  i'm bummed i couldn't be there to watch and support him, but mandatory law school orientation kind of cramped my style.

*have you ever thought it's weird that "nonetheless" is all one word?  i mean really, it's three separate words in one to build one mega run-on word.  weird.  or maybe not.