Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i won't say 'happy new year' since i'm 11 days late, so hello there

good news is: i'm still alive.  first semester of law school didn't kill me - though it tried its hardest.

bad news is: round two starts back tomorrow.  i've heard from thousands and thousands of people that "it gets better."  well, you thousands and thousands of people, you better be right or i'm coming after each and every one of you.

i had an amazing month off of rest and relaxation with family and friends who had listed me as a missing person.  here's what i did in bullet points (because let's be honest, no one wants to read):

- took pictures with santa with my siblings and santa said we were the oldest three siblings who had ever come to take their picture with him.  i told him he could thank our mother.

- i read more non-law school books than i can count.  ahhh, how i missed reading for enjoyment.  scarpetta, by patricia cornwell, the lincoln lawyer by michael connelly, and the mockingjay by suzanne collins were probably my top three that i read.

- i watched every episode of law and order ever made as well as every episode of HGTV's house hunters.  i can now predict with 100% accuracy who the killer is or what house the people will choose.  not sure what that says about me.  i think i'm psychic.

- i had an amazing time getting to spend time and going out with my friends.  they surprisingly still loved me despite my lack of existing in the real world.

- this was one of the first year's my family didn't travel over the holidays and it was so great being home and having family come to us.

- i've recently started zumba where i'm learning to shake what my momma gave me and sculpt rock hard abs.  at least, that's what my gay instructor tells me.  and i believe him because i've seen him shake what his momma gave him and he has rock hard abs.

i've missed the blogging world and check in on a lot of you now and then to see what's going on in everyone's lives.  hugs and kisses.