Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i'm a law slave and i've gone country. i know, it's all so overwhelming. i'll explain. (oh, and i have pictures, too, because i know you all all voyeurs)

things that changed since we last spoke:

i got a macbook pro.  in case you aren't aware, this automatically means i'm cool.  like really cool.  and really popular.  that's what steve job told me when he welcomed me to the super secret society of cool.  it's apparently a "no-pcs-allowed" kind of club.  discriminatory, i know.  oh, and her name is "lola."  "her" being being new macbook.  lola just sounded sassy and fierce.  just go with it.

i got a new car.  my mom got a new car, so that means i did, too.  (thanks, mom.  and of course, dad, who pays for it all.)  sweet gig.  good thing i'm in love with the car because it looks like i'll be driving the thing until the wheels fall off.  that'll probably be around the time i pay off my law school debt.  (i hope and pray.)  oh, and i named her (the car), too.  snowball.  her name is snowball.  well, that's her nickname.

i was really blessed to get an awesome legal internship for the summer.  sure, i'll be working for free and watching my bank account dwindle even further, but hey, it's a great position, and i'm stoked i got it.

i've gone country.  well, not really, but i go out dancing -- two-stepping, to be precise -- at least once a week now.  and i've been wearing cowgirl boots.  for those of you who aren't from texas, particularly houston, houston has its HLSR (houston livestock show and rodeo) at this time every year.  and lemme tell you, it's AH.MAZING.  so freaking fun.  starts off with BBQs and cook-offs, then has concerts every night for two weeks straight.  oh yeah, and there are lots of animals, and barrel races, and bull riding, and bronco riding, and a calf scramble when a hundred calves are set loose and these little country kids all run out into the arena and try to catch them.  (wow, explaining that makes me sound real texan.)  anyways, it's amazing and i love it and around these parts it's like christmas.  honestly, i just like dancing and wearing the boots and cute dresses.

{"don't stop believing"}

i'm not as crazy as i was last semester.  last semester, i don't know how i wasn't locked up.  seriously.  first semester of law school made me crazy.  like britney crazy.  i even cut three inches off my own hair one night at 3am while i was studying for a final.  see?  britney crazy.  anyways, now i'm better; by that i mean, i'm managing things better and the vast abyss of law school that was once so unknown and uncharted territory isn't quite so scary anymore.  in fact, i'm actually semi-normal now and my friends don't think i'm dead.

i will probably be crazy again in about a month.  probably less.  finals start in two months.  studying for finals starts like yesterday.  and i have a appellate brief due in a month as well.  law school finals are like college finals on HGH, steroids, and the machine that the dad used in that movie, "honey, i blew up the kids" all multiplied by a million.  and then multiplied by a million again.  

i still read a lot of your blogs, i just don't comment because i'm normally reading them on my phone and i guess i have fat fingers or something, but it's kind of hard to type out comments on my iphone.  i miss you all, too.  thanks for sticking around even when i'm lamesauce.