Thursday, June 17, 2010

FINALLY news you can use #21: the best thing that happens every four years - the WORLD CUP, yo

because i'm getting ready to leave you all for SO long (a whole week!!! ::gasps fill the blogosphere::), i thought it was only fair for me to show you my love by providing you with some very important news you can use!  

by now, you've probably forgotten what that even is, so let me remind you: some of you don't have time to or choose not to keep yourself in the know about important events.  no need to fear, in each edition of news you can use! i supply you with only the very best weekly news.  this news includes - but is not limited to - such important things as: world news, famies news, movie news, reality tv news, interesting and weird happenings news, things i happen to find important or freakishly cool news, and my news (aka - what's going on in my life news). i know. all really exciting stuff.  so sit back, grab a grande skinny vanilla soy latte or a bottle of wine and know you are will be more informed after reading this.  

please know that this week's edition is going to be a little different; really, the only news you can use! right now revolves around the world cup.  and of course, the most gorgeous world cup players.  i'll give a little background and some facts on the players and teams, though i'm sure hutch will be the only one who actually reads that.  the rest of you will just be looking, jaw-dropped and the pictures.  (and by the way, i'm half italian and half swiss; clearly, the italians take the cake on this whole contest.)

name: cristiano ronaldo
country: portugal
position: striker
cool facts: not only is he gorgeous, but he's an amazing player - he's the high paid footballer (soccer, for you americans) in the world.  and he looks amazing in armani underwear.  i'm sorry i can't say that is due to personal experience.
why we love him:not only is he gorgeous, but he's pretty amazing.  i don't particularly like his dating choices, but that doesn't change the fact that i like looking at him.

name: diego forlan
country: uruguay
position: striker

name: freddie ljungberg
country: sweden
position: goalkeeper
why we love him: he's swedish. he models underwear. he's athletic. he has his own blog. yep, he's got everything on our boyfriend checklist. and if he tastes anything like swedish fish, then i'm sure he's delicious.

name: fabio cannavaro
country: italy
position: defense (center back)
cool facts: he's the captain of the italian national team and won the FIFA world player of the year back in the 2006 world cup. 
why we love him: hellllllllo.  he name is freaking FABIO.  and look at him!  do i really need to elaborate????  didn't think so.

 name: carlos bocanegra
country: usa
position: defense (center back or left back)
why we love him: he's sort of kind of adorably cute.

name: yoann gourcuff
country: france
position: midfielder
why we love him: he's a bit of a newbie, but he's dang good.

have a good day.
you're welcome.

p.s. i recently joined a really sweet gym and signed up for some personal training sessions.  i'm planning to do a lot of intense cardio kickboxing courses as well as some MMA (mixed martial arts) training techniques.  my first class was last night and i can barely lift my arms today.  i'm considering taking a page out of shandal's book and posting some before and after type pics.  the thing is, i'm not sure how much my body is really going to change, at least in terms of weight.  i'm not looking to lose any weight, i'm just looking to get ripped (haha!) and really toned.  'm not doing p90x or any type of video training, so i'm wondering if i posted before and after pics would just be lame.  what do y'all think??  yea or nay??



Tamara Nicole said...

Oh yes! My hubby and I are HUGE futbol fans, for different reasons! Lol the guys are pretty hot, just sayin! Lol AND Ljunberg plays on my team! Go Sounders

Christy said...

Soccer has the hottest athletes, hands down. ::Drool::

Christy said...

Ughhhhh I HATE Cristiano Ronaldo. Love all the others though =)

Sole Matters said...

post the before and after!

helloooooooo portugal and france! YUM!

SurferWife said...

Take the dang pictures so we can all get upset that we want your BEFORE pictured body. Let alone the after.

Can we still be friends when I tell you how much I dislike the world cup? I love how hot they are and I love the whole concept of the World Cup.

(I just don't like to watch soccer.) Oh GOD. You hate me now, don't you?

SurferWife said...

Take the dang pictures so we can all get upset that we want your BEFORE pictured body. Let alone the after.

Can we still be friends when I tell you how much I dislike the world cup? I love how hot they are and I love the whole concept of the World Cup.

(I just don't like to watch soccer.) Oh GOD. You hate me now, don't you?

Dani @ OK, Dan said...

Not much of a soccer fan, but I'm drooling all over my keyboard after seeing this post. Yum to the yum!!!


Salt said...

I have said it before and I will say it again.
FABIO CANNAVARO is the HOTTEST MAN ON EARTH. Besides my husband, natch.

Annie said...

maybe i should have been watching the games! oh my goodness, these guys are some HOTTIES!!!

Ams said...

I think before and after pics is a great idea!
DO IT!!!!
And ummmm... thank you for the pictures. Today has officially started off on the right foot :)

Nikosmommy said...

Excellent post, well researched and documented! I especially liked your thoughts on Swedish players tasting like Swedish fish! (Naturally)

go for the work out before and after're thin and fab but that makes seeing muscle-gained results all the more easy. (I can't exactly say the same for myself...still trying to cut through the fat to see the muscle!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Meredith,
Coming from a lonely, desperate housewife, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Much love and fondness,

Confessions of a Mother, Lawyer & Crazy Woman said...

Helloooooooo .... wonder how many hours a day those gentlemen spend on their Ab Rollers? Eye candy, thanks for that.

As for you, hope you have a wonderful week away! Enjoy your trip!


Rasha said...


Ok funny story... so Im looking down at your blog and boyfriend see's the pics of boys and was like wtf are you looking at, HAH

Rachael said...

mmhm! Thank you for pointing out all the eye-candy! Love the choices!
I've been trying to catch a few games here and there. Viva Brasil!

Anonymous said...

Fabio is my fave. Yummy!

jayme said...

you can call me mrs. fabio cannavaro from now on because he has got it goin on! ow!

and if that relationship fails, then i guess ANY of the others will do! holy cow, thanks so much for posting today. :)

and i got a personal trainer so we should totally do some type of "ripped challenge" together! haha, since i'm not tryin to necessarily lose weight either. awesome.

Hutch said...

Wouldn't life be better if they all liked to take their shirts off? I'm sad the weather is so cold in South Africa *sigh* I never tire of looking at Fabio, Carlos or Yoann, mmmm

And I like the idea of taking the before and after regardless of weight it's great to see how your body changes (this comes from my P90 perspective)

Hutch said...

P.S. I read today that the French team is going all Mean Girls on Yoann because he doesn't like to party and his pops is all fames in the soccer world, sads :(

Bathwater said...

This is NOT news I need to know. though the idea of beginning and after picture i nice even if they look the same although I think you already look get why mess with it.

Vic said...

Cristiano is my bf, you best back off.

MiMi said...

I swear, I never knew there were such hot guys playing soccer! Sheesh!
I need to go take a cold shower now.

Tara said...

yum yum yum..

and i am going to effing punch you in your pretty little face for 2 reasons. 1.. you are an effing skinny slore and i hate you and we would all die to have you BEFORE body. 2.. damn, i forgot what 2 was..

MCW said...

I like Yoann!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow, even more reasons to watch the world cup!!!!

Kelly and Sara said...

I was goign to say Obama is gone... buttttttttttttttt these guys are HOT. Wow maybe I will have to watch some soccer.

Brittany said...

Thank you for posting this :-) I'd REALLY be into soccer if these guys played without their shirts on. Cristiano just made my jaw drop. GORGEOUS!

And as SW said, take the pics so we can be jealous of your BEFORE body. I can only imagine how amazing your body will be when you start doing all this!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

My hubby is a big soccer fan because he's got a love for the game. And I am a big soccer fan because... well... YUM! These men are hotties!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Thank you for posting these pics!! Great way to end the day!!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

First off I'll take one of each of those mens! HAWT!

Second - before and afters, before and afters do it! I would love to see what all that type of workout would do for someone :)

If I'm being told to share before and afters for my P90X then I think you should show your Before and After MMA shots :)

You go girl!

Fashion-rocks said...

I'm in love with Ronaldo.