Thursday, December 3, 2009

there must be a pony.

yesterday i had a christmas luncheon with an association society that my industry is a member of.  these luncheons are held monthly and each month the luncheon is held at a different venue (typically a swanky hotel), they serve lots of wine (which i can't drink), and lots of food i'm allergic to.  go figure.  and then i have lots of people making assinine comments about me not eating and how i'm too skinny, and i have to kindly explain that i will go into anaphylactic shock and that's not good for anyone if my airways close on the job or anywhere else for that matter.  kind of ruins the holiday cheer.  i tell them i have food i brought at the office and i will eat when i get back and i'm not too skinny, they are just too fat.  and if it's not appropriate for me to tell people they're fat asses, it shouldn't be okay for people to tell me i'm "too skinny."  sorry, i digress, just a major pet peeve of mine.  and now that you're done feeling sorry for me that i can't drink wine, back to the story... 

the association society tries to get a variety of speakers to cover a broad array of topics over the course of the year.  for yesterday's luncheon the topic was all about being a rockstar.  my two thoughts: (1) what does this have to do with my industry?  i'm a lobbyist.  and (2) i already am a rockstar.

the rockstar speaker lady gets up there.  she's a woman with short spiky hair that seemed to fit her personality, tight leather-y looking jeans, carlos santana just-below-the-knee boots, and lots of jewelry.  she looked to be in her late 50s and she clearly was still rockin' it.  she had been working in rock & roll radio and advertising for the past 30 years and had met tons of real rockstars along the way.  she was retired from radio but she still did a lot of speaking gigs and tours with bands.  along with her talk, she had a running powerpoint of pictures with her hainging out with the likes of people like mick jagger, eddie van halen, steve haggerd, and bands like foreigner, journey, inxs, etc.  you get the idea.  the woman was in 80s rockstar heaven - the best decade ever, the decade in which yours truly made her debut onto this earth.  anyways, so this lady was legit.  then i saw this picture up on the screen:

after seeing a slew of pics of her hanging out with bands and tons of cool people, this slide seemed bizarre.  simply by the cover, i couldn't figure out was the book was about so the rockstar speaker woman said she'd explain the gist of it.  (she didn't censor herself, so neither will i.  good thing because this is my blog.)  anyways, she said the gist was that there were these two brothers who walked into a bar (starts off sounding like a bad joke),  and when they walk into the bar it's full of sh*t.  like literal sh*t.  floor to ceiling poop.  poop everywhere.  poop, poop, poop.  one brother says: let's get the hell out of here and go somewhere else.  the other brother with a look of awe and wonder simply says: there must be a pony!  point of the story: always look for the good in something.  something really amazing can come out of even the worst of situations or circumstances.  the book seemed totally random, but it really struck a chord with me.  all to often i b*tch and moan (two things i'm very very good at, by the way) about all the stress and inconveniences in life.  one for sure being my severe food allergies.  but in having the attitude: there must be a pony! i'm able to use a really crappy situation and see the good in it.

maybe i sound too clich√© today.  whatever, i firmly believe there must be a pony in every situation.  it's all about finding the damn thing, and sometimes you have to go through a pile of sh*t to find it!

what do you think?  do you find ponies amidst the crazy crap life sometimes gives us??


Shandal said...

"i'm not too skinny, they are just too fat"

Bah hahaha! Loves it!

Loved the pony story too!

bananas. said...

wait! there's a whole book written on that?! couldn't an email work? lol. i dunno, i'm just sayin...maybe because i don't ever see ponies. if i see shit, it's shit.

bananas. said...

ps. fuckin awesome post. i like the way you write.

jessalyn said...

i'm not done feeling sorry for you that you can't drink wine. i'm still very sorry you cant drink wine.
now if there were pony shit in my wine, there would be serious problems.
but seriously though, yes, i'm all "ponies and rainbows" like 98% of the time. i figure why dwell on bad stuff- doesn't get you anywhere. but catch me that other 2% of the time, and i am a serious bee-yotch.

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

hahahah pony. i hate ponies and guess what? This is the 2nd pony post I read today.

Cathy said...

Damn MODG hating on the ponies(my post was the other pony post, but mine is about toys for my nieces and sticking it to my grandbaby crazy mom).

Great post, found you from, who else, MODG.

I still want a pony and you pony haters can bite it.

Now, about this wine allergy...please tell me you can drink vodka?!

*new follower*