Wednesday, December 9, 2009

news you can use #1: i phone apps, chi man, and biggest loser

just to keep you in the know, i present you:
news you can use!

in tech news, iphone has a new badass app that i'm now obsessed with.  (okay, maybe it's not so new, maybe it came out last year, but whatev, it's new to me.)  anyways, it's a barcode scanner and you scan the item you're wanting to purchase and up pops the item with a list of stores and their prices!  now you can always know you're getting the best deal!  some stores even match competitor prices so you can just show them, and they'll give it to you for the lowest published price.  badass, right??  it's like you're own personal shopping assistant!  genius!  perfect during the christmas season!!  soon there will be an app that actually does your christmas shopping for you.  wouldn't that be nice?

in political news, farouk shami - the guy who invented the CHI, the guy who is the reason why my hair is so sleek, straight, and shiny everyday, the guy who has sold millions of his CHI products worldwide and has made a multi-billion dollar company in the process - is running for governor of texas.  if he wins, i will lobby for free CHI products for everyone!!  gotta love democracy and capitalism.

just an fyi: CHI stands for ceramic hydration interlink.  and to think that this whole time i just thought they were trying to come up with a clever title like "chia pet" without the "a" and "pet" at the end.

CHI man, farouk shami, will actually be running against my former boss who is the current mayor of houston, bill white.  oh, and here's a fun little factoid for houstonians who aren't in the know - prior to being houston's mayor he was deputy secretary of energy of the u.s. under former president bill clinton.

in the greatest contestant show ever news, danny cahill is the season 8 biggest loser winner!!  (seriously, check out that link to see some of the transformations.)  danny was my pick to win it all from the very beginning and he totally deserved it.  he was an all-round good guy and a total family man.  he had a starting weight of 430 pounds and ended the season at 191 pounds - that's a total weight loss of 239 pounds(!), just in case you're too lazy to do the math.  he looked awesome and years younger.  if you don't watch this show, you should.  fat people lose hundreds of pounds and transform their lives while i sit on the couch eating cookies.  it's life changing, really.  you can go here to see all the before and after photos from the season 8 finale.  next season starts in january!

like i said, bloggy friends, news you can use!


Kristin said...

Free Chi products? Get that man elected. Ah ha ha

Cathy said...

Why have I not heard of that iPhone app?? Going to find it right now. That was news I could use!

Shandal said...

That app sounds amazing! I don't have an iPhone though... I'm still stuck with Sprint until March. :(
I love my CHI straightener and the show The Biggest Loser! This last season was the 1st season that I didn't watch though. I had too many other shows on! LOL

bananas. said...

i don't have an iphone but i do have access to that amazing app you speak of.

it's almost as cool as having the inventor of chi products run for governor. he better hook ya'll up with lots o' chi-ness if he wants to win.

Annie said...

super cute blog lady!

i don't have an iphone :( but this app sounds amazin!

jessalyn said...

i do not have an iphone- i am very behind the times :(

however, i do love me some chi. especially the hair products that smell like delicious men...

also, i am going to leave you a little award on my bloggy blog (it should be done by the end of the night...damn work getting in the way):)

"Julie" said...

my chi is broken...what's he gonna do about that shit huh??????

meredith said...

jessalyn, you just made my freaking day!!!!

♥Aubrey said...

You're so pretty & SMART...luv it!!!
I'd move to Texas just to get the free CHI products :)-