Friday, December 11, 2009

the hangover's baby carlos is now a member of our family

mom: so your brother has some sort of character day at school tomorrow and this is what he's going as:

me: aaaaaaahahahahahhahahah
me: hahahahahahhahahahahah
me: hahahahhhhaaaahahahahhaha

mom: okay, that was his reaction when he came walking down the stairs wearing your sister's old baby doll, too.  i guess i don't get it.  she wanted to know why her baby doll was strapped to him and where he was going.  he said the baby's name is carlos?

me: ahahahahhahhahahahah - YEAH!!

mom: hmm, but the baby doesn't even look hispanic.  it has plastic blonde hair and blue eyes.

me: BAHAHAAHAHA, i know.  so this is why he's been trying to grow a spotty, peach fuzz beard?!??

mom: apparently.  okay, i guess i just don't get it.  he said i needed to see the movie.  not happening.  i'm going to bed.


KLaw said...

HA HA HA! THat's hilarious~!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

HA, I LOVE THIS! How creative!!
I just saw that you commented on MODG's SG post. I saw how you wrote about your bf being a bit older but no one notices! haha. I am in my mid 20's and my husband just turned 38 (SHH!) NO ONE ever notices the age difference...but when we first started dating, I thought EVERYONE looked at us funny...I was just paranoid! :)
I will come back here soon!

Cathy said...


You're brother is awesome

jessalyn said...

i havent seen the movie yet- i know, i basically live in a cave or something. i am SO going to ASAP though!!

Shandal said...

I love that movie! Your brother is hilarious!

Julie said...

oh lord. oh lord. bahaha, crazy kids.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! You are hilarious!

About the canisters, it was actually in my friends house and she said that her MIL got them for her from Hobby Lobby. I've asked before, believe me! :) I actually saw them in there last time I was there so I hope you can find them!