Monday, November 2, 2009

weekend recap and weekly update

friday: let's see... after work i hit an awesome sale at ann taylor loft and stocked up on some cute v-neck cardigans - an article of clothing i'm convinced you can never have too many of.  it was the little brother's senior night at his football game so quasi-bf and i head out to the boonies to the nicest stadium in the burbs.  my brother's team played the #1 team in the district and were winning until the last two minutes of the game.  we lost, but it was probably one of the best games of the season.

saturday: happy halloween!  spent the day running errands as i do most saturdays; went running because it was a beautiful day; and then planned for the evening ahead.  i'm not insanely obsessed with halloween like i used to be.  in college, i'd plan my costume months in advance.  not so much anymore, though i do still enjoy it.  my mom was giving her testimony at church then there was a trunk-or-treat halloween party at church with tons of give-aways and good candy (not the crappy kind some people give out).  my little sister made out like a freakin' bandit with a lawn bag full of goodies.  apparantly church party are the way to go.  later i went home and watched the world series until quasi-bf came over.  we were super unoriginal and i wore my high school nationals cheerleading uniform and he wore a high school football jersey and we met julie from life on a hanger out at a party.  i haven't grown much since i was 14.  we called it a night before 2:00 a.m.

sunday: slept in since i went to church the night before and managed to lay around until noon.  my pantry and fridge were looking bare so i forced myself to go to the grocery store.  if you've read my post about grocery shopping, you know how much i HATE grocery shopping.  1. i hate crowds and playing grocery bumper carts with people taking their sweet time and 2. carts have tons of germs on them so i have to lysol/clorox wipe them down and them wrap them in produce plastic bags.  (yes, i know i have issues; so i've been told.)  since halloween was the day before and people were busy, everyone and there families decided to make it an outing - i could hardly manuever my cart around and needless to say i was not a happy camper.  1.5 hours and $109.73 later, i made it out.  i had a soccer game that evening and found out just as the quasi-bf and i were pulling up to the fields that the game was cancelled so we made it a shopping, dinner, and world series game 4 night.  my phillies lost.  :(

the agenda for the rest of the week...

tuesday: it's a big day in the city of houston tomorrow as we're electing our new mayor, new city controller, twelve of the fourteen city council seats are up for re-election, and some constitutional amendments are up for vote as well.  this means that i'll be doing the glamourous work of polling from 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. tomorrow.  merrhhh.

wednesday: preparing for run-offs after election day.  so basically complete mayhem.

thursday - saturday: off to new orleans for a conference!

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