Monday, November 23, 2009

nice booty. great sole.

so i keep seeing all these sexy commercials for the new sculpting and toning tennis shoes from reebok, called easy tone.  per the advertisement, they're supposed to give you a "nice booty and great sole."  not kidding.  it's on the website.  and while i'm all for great thighs and a great butt, my whole thing is: 1. do they work??  and 2. since they look so stupid, they better work.  do any of you know??  (or should i say, do any of y'all know? i am from texas.)  i don't know anyone who owns them or who has tried them to know for sure.

i mean, i know the kardashians wear them, but how much is that really saying... i'd wear them with work clothes if they paid me.

and then there all these other mega-ass-shaping shoes like the fitflops or the NGR shoes (NGR = no gym required, in case you were wondering).

they even have some stylish hott-ass-shaping trendy just-below-the-knee boots:

who would've thought boots could be so hot??

someone please buy them and tell me if they work.  i don't want to be the first.

in other news, i finally got a flat screen tv, a blue ray player, and a play station.  well, actually it was an early christmas present from the quasi-bf.  really, i think it was kind of more of a present for him.  my living room tv was the same tv that fell on my little brother's head when he was a toddler.  (long story, but the gist: he really liked watching the old star trek.  when the intro music would come on he would stand there after just getting out of the bath stark naked with his hands on the screen dancing mesmorized.  my mom would always tell him not to touch the tv.  naturally, he didn't listen and the big tv fell on him, mainly on his head.  my mom still blames the tv falling on his head for my brother's lapses in judgment.) anyways, welcome to 2010, meredith.
happy monday and thanksgiving week!


"Julie" said...

OK. I own a pair. But mine are the fancy MBT (masai barefoot technology) and I only wear them with long pants or when no one I know or care to know will see me. I have them because of the hyper-arch in my back, and they're supposed to ease the awful back pain I I didn't buy them to enhance my arse! They ARE comfy though...not pretty to look at for sure!

meredith said...

niiiice. i think my mom wants some for christmas, so maybe she can be my guinea pig.