Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"baby it's cold in.siiiiiiiiiide!!"

for the life of me i cannot figure out why it is 50 degrees outside and my office is 66 degrees with the a/c still going.  my fingers, toes, and face are all so cold i can hardly work.  it hurts to type, so i hope you can see what great lengths i am going to right now.  i keep complaining that it's so cold in here and my assistant keeps disagreeing saying how "delightfully comfortable(!)" she is in the office today; for once, i'm not hot, she says.  and another thing i can't figure out is how day in and day out it's so frigidly cold indoors (even in the summer) that i've had to bring blankets and slip on socks under my desk (i even have those hands warmers used for camping) and then - after seeing me wrapped in my cheetah print fleece blanket wearing socks and sometimes gloves INSIDE - people make these assinine remarks like, meredith, why don't you put a little meat on your bones?  maybe if you gained weight, you wouldn't be cold.  these comments are usually followed up by nudging me in the ribs and deep chuckles.  irritating, check.  let me just say, i'm not overly thin or too skinny.  (in fact, sarah at a life more exciting has a theory that there's not such a thing as being "too skinny."  her fiance disagrees.  sarah happens to be tall-ish and skinny and kind of resembles a spider monkey.  she has good reach.  she's the kind of person i bother in the grocery store when i need something on the top shelf near the back.  sorry, i digress.)  anyways, my point is, i don't need to gain weight, it's called being effing HEALTHY!  in an ideal world, people would stop making stupid comments like that and i would save my company energy and money all while being green and turn up the temperature ten a few degrees.  unfortunately, my office world isn't ideal when it comes to comfort.

on a better note, i received a 30% off entire purchase coupon for ann taylor loft in my inbox this morning; new moon is just two short nights away (i'm really beginning to question whether or not it is good judgment to see it opening night...); and thanksgiving is next week.

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