Wednesday, November 4, 2009

completely unrelated, but both exciting: elections and r.patz

yesterday was a crazy election day, so i was MIA in the blogsphere.  fortunately, all of the candidates we endorsed made the runoff (not that you care, but i thought i'd let you know because it basically means our members are happy and i still have a job - that you should care about).

so here's what i was doing from 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.:

and here were some of the other crazies also doing poll work:

and i'm not talking about the major league baseball team.  the texas rangers are a watchdog anti-tax group in the one, the only: tejas.  there was this old couple (like in their 70s) doing some poll work and singing songs to the people going to vote.  it was weird and uncomfortable and they didn't even have horses.

one quick plug - runoff elections are december 12th.  if you're in the city of houston, vote gene locke for mayor.  just do it.

let's see, on to the news that made my week.  one of my best friends just purchased new moon tickets for the 12:01 a.m. show.  yes, it's true.  a group of mid-20 somethings are going to be standing in line filling a crowded theater with a bunch of obsessed tweenie-boppers and i love it and i'm not going to apologize.  julie from life on a hanger is gonna be there to.  it's going to be epic.

i keep telling myself i probably wouldn't really like him in real life. 
at least that's what i tell myself to quell the obsession.

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"Julie" said...

i'm still resentful of k-stew and the fact that she's looking prettier in the new film....this needs to be sabotaged....