Monday, November 16, 2009

the natural order of things

let me preface this entry by saying ""  freaking love it.  i love everything about it.  well, maybe not everything... there is one thing about the christmas season that kind of bothers me - people who start the christmas season a good six-eight weeks in advance and DECORATE THEIR ENTIRE FREAKING YARDS AND HOUSES when it's just barely the middle of november and thanksgiving hasn't even come and gone.  i love christmas more than most and even i feel this is a bit premature.  this weekend i noticed a handful (albeit a small handful, but still a handful) of houses with FULL festive decorations and holiday cheer - they even put up their freakin' christmas tree!  no pumpkins, no fall leaves, no blow-up turkeys adorning their yards - just santas and rudolphs.  i'm ALL FOR holiday cheer and i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE decorating for christmas and listening to christmas music and consuming christmas goodies that do not contain milk or soy because i'm allergic to both, but i'm all for it starting the weekend after thanksgiving.  seriously, the pilgrims and indians (ahem, i mean "native americans") deserve their due, too.

i kind of feel like going directly from halloween straight to christmas - skipping thanksgiving - kind of ruins the whole natural order of things.  and i love order.  thanksgiving is the precursor to a thankful holiday season, duh.

 {1. we are best friends}

{2. this should be done the day or weekend AFTER thanksgiving}

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