Tuesday, November 10, 2009

creeping creepies on facebook

so i'm being a good and productive employee busy slaving away minding my own business at the office on a monday afternoon when all of a sudden my phone lights up like fort knox with a series of texts messages that say this:

best friend from college: holy sh*t, have you seen facebook lately?  you have a total creeper after you.  some girl from the new york, ny network has her profile picture of you and santiago (ex-boyfriend from college) and an album full of pictures of you guys!!!

[15 seconds later]...

ex-boyfriend from college: so mer, we're apparantly famous... go check out sandra (insert last name) from new york, ny.

so i did what any normal person would do and dropped everything i was working on to tend to this serious matter.  i went and checked this chick out and sure enough, there we were in all our pride and glory with her profile pic being a photo of santiago and i from my 22nd birthday.  seriously, that's not even a good picture, c'mon creeper, you could have picked a better one, geez, i thought.  i mean if my face was going to be plastered all over some random creeper creeperson's facebook page, i'd rather it be a damn good one.

santi's girlfriend somehow came across and reported it, so we'll see what happens.  if you're lucky, it might still be up.  in short, i'm famous folks.

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Julie said...

um...it was me...just didn't wanna scare you...bahaha. but seriously...that's creepy.