Tuesday, November 24, 2009

it's time to DTR.

i decided after about a month of blogging, there are some important things you should know about me and we should have the DTR chat.  this is part one of a series of DTR talks.  so, here goes:

- i kill bugs with febreeze air freshener because i hate the smell of raid.  the larger the bug, the more febreeze it requires to kill them.  please note when trying this at home: there are some bugs that will not die with febreeze.  i once used almost an entire can of febreeze air effects for a spider and the damn thing refused to die.  my condo did smell like crisp clean linen for a few days after, however.

- i was born with an extra thumb.  yes, that means i had eleven fingers.  no, i am not a freak.  it was removed when i was a baby.  i have a scar, but there have only been three people ever to notice it.  one of those people was the lady doing my nails, so it was obvious.

- i hate waiting in lines to check out and traffic.  guess this means i'm impatient.

- i played soccer since i was seven, competitive soccer since i was ten, and at the collegiate level.  i miss it a lot and so do my abs.  oh, and i miss being hawaiian tropic tan from being outside year-round.

- i watch HGTV like it's my effing job.  i also love anything law, medical, or crime-related.

- my biological father's italian, but i was adopted when i was eighteen by my step-dad who is swiss-german.  my mom apparently has a thing for foreign men and wants to ensure that her children have dual citizenship.  thanks, mom.

- my mom's my best friend, in part because she's even crazier than i am so she understands me.  God put her on earth to be a mother, and she's the best at it.  she keeps me sane a lot of the time.  i'm a mini-me version of her.  she's 5'9 and i'm barely 5'4.

- i am a Christian.

- i'm OCD.  seriously.  ask quasi-bf (he's got his own obsessive-compulsive tendencies) and my besties.  i am also ridiculously organized and love my color-coded closet.  i also have a picture on all of my shoe boxes with the shoes in them.

- i have lots of food allergies, and they seem to be getting worse the older i get.  (no, i cannot simply "take a magic pill for them to go away."  sorry, it's always irritating when people say, "can't you just take something??"  to which i respond, "well, no, it's not a headache.  if i stop breathing and go into anaphylaxis, stab me with my epi-pen and call 911.")

- i love to read.  if i could read for a living, i would. 

- i like the previews at the movie theater.  i instantly become a movie critic.

- i once accidentally superglued my teeth together along with supergluing my arm to my face.  i had dug into my mom's purse and started chewing on a tube.  gotta love the 80s nails.

- i do not have even an ounce of shyness in me.  this is not always a good thing.

- i love live music.  but i manage daily with pandora or bringing my ipod everywhere i go.

- i could never date or end up with a guy who wasn't an athlete.  college tuition is expensive, so my kids better be really smart and/or really athletic.  i plan on creating division I athletes.  (note: i said this to some co-workers and they were appalled that i would "force" my kids to be smart or play sports. i wouldn't "force" them, i would highly encourage them. sorry, i think organized sports are the best thing for kids.  it teaches them discipline and accountability as well a healthy lifestyle.)

- i currently have my previously unhealthy obsession with twilight under control.  i think it's in part due to the fact that while new moon was good, it wasn't omgthisisthebestmovieofmyeffinglife good.

- i have some amazing friends who always have my back.

- quasi-bf and i both have "passes."  my passes: gerard butler and rob pattinson.

until part two of the DTR chat... happy tuesday!


Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

I am your newest follower!
And I love the bug killah. Anything to not touch them.

meredith said...

ijustpeedmypantswithexcitement. did that just for you, modg. i know how much you love peeing.

Christin said...

Haha I love this!