Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"ed hardy wine: it probably tastes like douche bag"

some lines from my conversation with jules last night:

{background: she recently met a british guy who she's become friendly with, but can't read him, and she wants advice.}

julie: "yeah, i really don't understand him.  a friend i work with tells me there's such a big cultural difference and it only gets worse when they get older.  not sure what the hell that means?  does that mean they don't text or call for a week when they're busy??"
julie: "i just got to the grocery store and get this, they have ed hardy wine.  it probably tastes like douche bag."


me: "so have you decided what you're doing for thanksgiving?  you can def come over.  my dad's in germany for work (swiss don't celebrate thanksgiving, obvs), so it'll be me, my mom, my little brother and sister, my grandparents, and four of my cousins.  let me know."

julie: "yeah, that sounds good.  we may stop by.  we have some family from mexico coming in for the sole purpose of going shopping. weird, i know."

me: "is your grandma coming?"

julie: "no, she's convinced she's dying.  she's in perfect health, but everytime i talk to her and ask her how she's doing, she tells me she's going to die tomorrow.  when i ask her why she thinks that, she tells me she's been drooling a little bit, so she knows she's going to die soon.  i told her that's just what old people do - they drool."

me: "really?  why?"

julie: "i don't know, i guess because all of the wrinkles??"

i love my friends.

happy happy thanksgiving!!!


Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

you should set up a blind taste test with douchebag water and the wine. let me know how it goes.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I may or may not have forced a guy I'm dating to but that douche juice and took a picture of him. Now that I have kicked him to the curb, that is going to be on my FB in ohhh about 2.5.

meredith said...

niiiice. i'm sure he'll love that!

SLynnRo said...

I'm from South Texas, so I know the Mexico shoppers quite well.

Kristin said...

You may enjoy this post. My bestie and I teseted it out with pics to prove it. And does taste like d-bag. White zin d-bag to be exact. Ah ha ha

Krystal Barnett said...

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