Wednesday, November 11, 2009

stuart little's underwear

little sister [tells me goodbye and kisses me goodnight, then turns to my mom and says]: mom, i need new panties, mine are getting a little too small for me.

mom: really?  okay, santa will get you some for christmas.

little sister: MOM!!  oh my gosh, seriously?!  i have two things to say: 1. that's inappropriate and weird for santa to pick out panties for me, and 2. i need new panties NOW.  it's not a gift, it's a necessity. [she's 10 years old, by the way, people and she actually talks like this.]

me: [cracking up] little sis, why don't you just start wearing the kind of panties i wear?  i'll get you some tomorrow during my lunch break and bring them to mom's house.

little sister: umm, meredith, stuart little wears bigger underwear than you.  no, thanks.


Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

i have to say panties is a word that creeps me out big time

meredith said...

underwear makes me think of men's (or old women's) white-y tighties and the words thong and g-string just plain gross me out; i can't find a suitable alternative, haha