Friday, February 12, 2010

the 10 weirdest athletes of all time

in honor of the opening ceremonies of the olympics this evening, i find it appropriate to share the bleacher report's ten weirdest athletes of all time.  you may love them, you may hate them, or you may not have a clue who the hell they are; in any case, these guys will make you feel "normal," which i know is a stretch for some of us.  i am sad to say - because i did not create this list - THE ga is not on it.  don't worry, i'm still her #1 little monster, along with my haley gaga, of course.

10. clinton portis
{running back for the washington redskins, clinton portis is a nut.  he has various characters he dresses up as for interviews.  like i said freakshow.}

9. chad ochocinco
{just in case you're wondering, he legally changed his changed his last name from "johnson" to ochocinco.  (i would not want to marry him and have to take his name.)  for real.  that in and of itself should give you an idea of the normalcy of this guy.  he probably doesn't even speak spanish.  he's known for his crazy touchdown celebrations, hence the sign in the photo.  }

8. bill "spaceman" lee
{"lee was a man of the earth.  he spoke to animals, supported environmental causes, practiced yoga, and consumed A LOT of pot. in fact, he was once fined $250 by major league baseball for sprinkling marijuana on his pancakes."  i knew that would get your attention.  he was also ridiculously smart.}

7. manny ramirez
{to be honest, i really don't think he's that weird.  at least not weird enough to make the list.  but that's just my opinion.}

6. jimmy piersall
{an outfielder who played in the 50s and 60s, piersall thanks his bipolar disorder for making him famous.  cool?}

5. turk wendall
{the fact that he's wearing what appears to be teeth around his neck should be your first clue.  he was one of the most superstitious baseball players ever and brushed his teeth in between every inning.  honestly, i don't find that weird.  i find it to be a man practicing good hygiene.  he obviously had a thing for teeth.}

4. joe namath
{"broadway joe" was extremely flamboyant in his full length fur coats he'd don on the sidelines.  and he once did an ad in the 70s for pantyhose.}

3. mark "the bird" fidrych
{he apparently looked like big bird and did weird things.  i'm seeing a theme here with baseball players.}

2. dennis rodman
{duh.  this freakshow HAD to make to list.  where is he now, anyways??}

1. mike tyson
{i'm pretty sure no commentary is necessary here.  though my little fur baby has a thing with biting off her mr. mouses' ears, too...}


Salt said...

This is hilarious! What's up with Tyson's two random gold teeth?

I actually knew who most of these guys are, but I had no idea that Clinton Portis was so bizarre. Namath's coat is so fly.

And I am so excited for the opening ceremonies tonight! I LOVE the Olympics!!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

omg. ochocinco is a nut.

Cathy said...

Ochocinco is weird....and DID NOTHING for my fantasy football team this year.

Oh, Rodman. Does he have the biggest mouth(size wise, not loud mouth wise) in the world?

Brown Girl said...

Ochocinco has to be the worst offender on the list. Who legally changes their last name, how STUPID. And Rodman is pretty bad as well, ugh.

Anonymous said...

Dennis is on this season's Celebrity Rehab after coming off as an out of control drunk on last season's Celebrity Apprentince. (I do not watch too much tv.) I love Dennis.

Every inning? I'm all for clean teeth, but I think he's a touch OCD.

Manny Ramirez isn't weird. He just needs to buy his uniform a size or two smaller because he always looks like a slob.

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

BAH I hate Ochocinco - I'd love to punch him in the face :)

Yep, Dennis is doing the celeb rehab thing claiming the whole time he doesn't need it. He was court ordered but homeboy NEEDS some help!

foxy said...

Rodman is SUCH a weirdo. But in a really cool way. And Tyson is just a freak. We just saw that ear-biting episode again the other night on some countdown. What is wrong with that guy????

Lindsey said...


Marian said...

Oh gosh the top 2 are hands down super wierd...but ya gotta have love for them.

And Clinton Portis is in some car commercials in our area since I'm near DC....flashing his grill at the camera while he pimps out his mercedes. I love it

Summer said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I totally met and took a picture with Mike Tyson at my bachelorette party in LA. I know, I'm cool, huh?

And did you see Dennis Rodman on Celebrity Rehab??? So sad that guy.

Candice said...

Mike Tyson... I'd hit that.

Okay, no I wouldn't.

MCW said...

Um. Clinton Portis is a love of mine. Don't hate :)

Karls said...

I'm hoping those aren't Clinton Protis' real teeth.

I've not heard of any of those freaks... bar the last two effin weirdos!

d.a.r. said...

This had me laughing hysterically at my desk today!!

jessalyn said...

two sox ain't good. there really is something weird going on in assachusetts.
but really though- its just manny being manny.

hearts forevah!

bananas. said...

no dude...ochocinco is hilarious! i love him!!! i watched this football show on HBO and he cracked me up on every episode.

tyson, on the other hand, is wacked out! that voice...ewwww.

Tracie said...

Mike Tyson is not weird. He is batshit crazy and/or criminally insane.

Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

Rodman is in Newport Beach, CA periodically getting into trouble for over-partying.
And I'! marry OchoCinco just to GET his name!

Anonymous said...

Manny? Really? Whasso wong wit Manny?

ScoMan said...

We don't get much Baseball here in Australia so I didn't know who most of these people are (as you said.. there were a lot of Baseball players) but I was waiting the whole list for Rodman to show up.

I should have known Tyson would edge him out though. Or maybe not. I think Rodman might be weirder.

Bob West said...

Very interesting
I enjoyed visiting your blog
God Bless;

Masala Chica said...

i never knew joe namath was weird. my father in law looks like him. I always thought that was a compliment, but maybe people were trying to tell him he is weird too.

I will ponder.

Allyson said...

Joe Namath...wait...I thought he invented the game of basketball. I'm so confused.

I once attended a White Sox v Red Sox baseball game and we had 3rd row tickets behind home plate. I can tell you...Manny is really not all that weird. Not nearly as bizarre as the wife of one of the players seated in the first row. Honey, your stylist called...she needs her wig back.

And I would have been sorely disappointed if Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson hadn't made the cut.

Ed Adams said...

Rodman is number one in my book.

Anonymous said...

I think Dennis Rodman is on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1 or whatever channel that show is on. I could be wrong but I thought I saw him on there when flipping through the channels...haha.

Shandal said...

Mike and Dennis scare the crap out of me! Fah-reaks! said...

Mike Tyson gives me nightmares.
So uh, thanks for reintroducing him to my subconsciousness. Yeah. THANKS FOR THAT.

A Wedding Story said...

Anyone weird enough to get their face tattooed is weird! Anytime I see Mike Tyson now all I can think of is the Tiger Song from The Hangover!

~KS said...

I was such a Dennis Rodman fan back in the day... guess the whole freak show thing is a draw for me!

Happy hearts day to you!!

Becky said...

OMG..what is up with all those teeth! Real or fake there is no excuse for that mess!

my name is lauren. said...

haha! i love ochocinco! he's a crazy, but i've gotta stick by him since he's a fellow alumn :).

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

What a funny list! Never thought about makeing a list like this. Manny was suspended from baseball for awhile because he was caught taking female hormones. That is pretty weird.


great list and manny is not weird, he's just an a-hole

we clevelanders call him money ramirez

Aunt Juicebox said...

I so agree on Number One! But he's so good for a laugh. People around here love them some Ocho!

Llama said...

Dennis Rodman used to terrify me!! Funny post!

Ambs said...

haha great list! Rodman is on Celebrity Rehab these days.... just as wierd?