Tuesday, January 5, 2010

walking the red carpet... again

i seriously feel like this is awards week.  i would have planned my wardrobe accordingly had i known i'd be walking the red carpet so many times.  the following two awards come from julie @ brown eyed belle.  miss julie finds me both stunning and chic.  she's obviously a very smart woman.  i like smart people, and i like people who love me.  this is why i expect her to go far in life.

i hope these ladies (and this one gentleman) are wearing their red carpet best because it is with great honor that i pass these oscars onto:

completely unrelated to awards, but still equally exciting: the bachelor.  i want you all to know i broke down and watched the bachelor last night.  that shit is like a serious train wreck, and my monday nights are now booked the the one hour while this show is on.  one of my real life bffs, tara, came over to keep me and bailey boo company as i watched a show about finding true love while eating raw sugar cookie dough.  that's true love, friends.  while i'm not a huge fan of the show, i do hope jakey finds love.  i would say that maybe i could be his one and only, but after hearing the guy talk for five minutes about what a hopeless romantic he is and how strong the power of love is and how he wants a "traditional life," i realized there was no way i could be with that guy.  sorry, i'm just not a hopeless romantic.  i don't think as humans we can ever love perfectly, that's a God thing.  human love isn't perfect and relationships aren't always going to be romantic.  in fact, relationships are hard and sometimes they're going to suck.  sorry to burst your little bubble, jake.  don't worry, i still think he's super hot and wouldn't mind seeing him with his shirt off a little more this bachelor season. 

{dear jake, maybe if you could calm the eff down about love being "perfect," then we could be together.  i'll maybe even try to tone down my bitchiness.  okay, that's a lie, but i'll still love you long time.  just take off your shirt and i'll ogle you.  k, thanks.}

well, i have something called "work" that's calling my name in the form of emails and phone calls.  don't worry, i'll be back later today with a little edition of take me back tuesday.  you'll get to see me in all of my cute-sie glory.  get excited.

thanks for all the hugs and love yesterday.  it got me through a really shitty day.


SG said...

I got sucked into that last night too. Every season I say I won't watch but always do. Jake is definitely hot so long as he keeps his mouth shut. He's just too cheesy for my tastes.

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

You make me feel so popular. I am way overdo for an awards post myself.

Did I ever tell you that Kip (from the Bachelorette) is my BFF's brother's BFF? I thought for sure he was going to be this season's bach, but I'm glad he's not. I couldn't handle the skanks all up in his grill.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I just found your blog today and I love it, I'm a new follower! I totally broke down and watched The Bachelor too. I said I wouldn't this season, but i just couldn't help it!

The Only Girl said...

Shut up! Thanks so much Chicklet! I just ran upstairs and threw on my best Oscar-worthy tracksuit. And I may just have to have a celebratory pretend romp with Jake. Thanks for the visual. mwah!

mart and lu said...

congratulations! this is wonderful. fantastic blog by the way. and is it too late to say happy new year?!

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Congrats... and ummm isnt he hotter than hot!!!

meredith said...

sg - i agree. poor hottie is a big cheeseburger.

monique - holy crap, you are popular AND you know kipp. you're amazing.

carol - i LOVE new followers! woot woot!

cher - i knew you were my kind of lady wearing a tracksuit. i don't change out of my running clothes on the weekend.

mart and lu - it's never too late to tell me happy new year! :)

rasha - you know i wouldn't put an ugly guy on my blog.

Bathwater said...

Awards *insert rolling eyes here* the meme of 2009. What ever happened to just saying your blog is cool link me!

♥Aubrey said...

Love is anything but perfect!!! Haven't watched and don't intend too...he looks conceited a little. Perhaps a little too statuesque :)- Lol

Mmmm cookie dough...and sugar at that. I want some like NOW!!! Happy Tuesday hun.

Candice said...

I LOVE the bachelor and I didn't realize that it was on last night so I missed it! Thank goodness for re-runs. I'll have to wait until Saturday!

I think Jake is a tool though. Nice, but toolish.

lou said...

not sure how i found my way to you, but you crack me up girl! you bring me back to my single fun-lovin' days. btw, jake is such a sweet guy... a little bit of a cornball, but he'll make good husband material!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Dear Meredith,

I already know this. I also actually know how to spell overDUE. Gah. I hate to appear flawed on your blog.

Love, Monique

Cathy said...

Sorry about the breakup...do you need me to come down there and kick some ass?

Congrats on the awards, you deserve them!

I don't watch the Bachelor, but from the sound of it that Jake guy doesn't know what the hell is up. Good luck with that perfect love thing buddy.

ScoMan said...

I was going to shave my legs yesterday too and I didn't and now think of how they'll look in my gown. I guess this is a lesson in always being prepared.

Thanks for the award. It's fantastic, and I think I can have some fun with it.

I've never watched the Bachelor. We have that but we have another one here called "Farmer wants a wife".. I've never watched that either. There's too many people searching for love on reality television.

jessalyn said...

you are the bestest.soulmate.ever.

Cee said...

Thanks girl! Those are very pretty awards and lacking the normal really strange blog award names. I will proudly display them :)

I have actually never gotten into the Bachelor...I considered watching it this season but then just didn't feel like it last night.

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch (Amanda Mac) said...

"i'll let you land your plane on my landing strip anytime,"

so classy
reality television bliss

Sonja said...

Thanks lady!! :)

aaaand I'm SO excited for this seasons Bachlor!!