Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i am a karate kicking badass and have a blog full of hearts

this award is all about recognizing friendships that have been made while blogging.  this is award is also about recognizing that you don't have to have a black belt in karate to really eff someone up.  i can give just about anyone a good ass whoopin' and i am no jet li.

hotpants at handbags and handguns clearly, finds me to be a master of the karate arts and an amazing bloggy friend.  and clearly, she is right.  i'm the one of the left.  the one in the nut hugging, banana hammock.  hotpants is the one with the tat and nicole richie eyeliner.  go check this woman out - she's a g when it comes to celebrity gossip and she loves vampires.  obvi, we're kindred spirits.

i've never been very good at following the rules, but i happen to like these rules.  therefore, (this one time) i will play along.
1. list 6 things you are a master in.
2. pass it on to 6 bloggers you think are masters at friendship and make blogging so awesome.

6 things of which i am effing awesome

1. sports.  you name it, i'll play it.  minus swimming; i won't be awesome at swimming.  i mean i can swim.  duh.  just not michael phelps fast.  like normal speed, i guess.  like i can probably swim as fast as michael phelps can walk through the water.  but most other sports, i'm game.  and chances are, i'll raise the stakes, put a bet on it, and i'll be out for blood.  too competitive?  wrong.

2. watching tv.  (hotpants is also awesome at this.)  seriously, i can watch tv like nobody's freakin' biznass.  day long marathons?  count me in, i'm there.  i will only move if i really have to pee.

3. baking banana bread.  i can't cook worth shit.  yes, i know how to read a cookbook, but it all seems so tedious, boring, and messy.  plus, i *think* i made myself sick after eating something i tried to make reading out of a cookbook.  BAKING, on the other hand, i put martha fields to shame with my baker extraordinaire skills.  i get to wear a super cute apron - a monogrammed cheetah and damask print, nonetheless.  my aunt from nola made it for me.  who dat?!

4. conducting background checks. i'm not kidding you, i can pretty much find out anything about anyone.

5. bitching and complaining.  my skills go unrivaled. 

6. school.  sounds lame, but i have always been awesome at school.  like kicked it's ass awesome.  i miss it.  i like kicking 's ass at things.

6 7 of my blogging bffs who i know would seriously kick someone's ass for me.  seriously, if you eff with me, you're messing with them.

1. monique @ a day in the life of a surferwife

2. jessalyn @ cape cod awesome

3. kiran @ masala chica

4. mayra @ life is bananas

5. aubrey @ made you blush

6. red dreads (aka - the HOTTEST red head i know)

7. liz @ it's unbeweavable!
(liz is having some AMAZING giveaways ALL week long so get yo'self on over there!)

this next award comes from kinsey michaels AND momma ra.  kinsey's a little sassy, a little outrageous, and has a love for heidi montag's shoe collection.  she's a west coast chick with a lot to say.  now about momma ra... have you seen this momma's insanely adorable, baby boy jackson???  the kids got looks other toddlers would kill for.  seriously, you need to go to her blog just to look at the adorable pics of her little boy.  stalkerish much??  of course not!  oh, and she's italian, like me, so what's not to love?!  thank you, ladies!!

i'm passing this on to four ladies whose blogs i adore and make my days full of hearts in my face:

summer @ b is for brown

ashley paige @ i love you more than carrots

erin @ the mother load

this last award comes from one of my newest stalkers, T at it's my moment to shine.  she also love THE ga.

it is with great honor that i bestow this award - gorgeous ladies of blogging - to my two favorite men who are such faithful lovers of my blog:

bathwater @ memento mori


Elizabeth Marie said...

Congrats lady!! You are AWESOME. Now I want some of your banana bread. And to watch TV. Thank you for passing it on to me!! AND thanks for mentioning the giveaways :) XOXO

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

You know I karate chop any fool to the adam's apple for you.

Though I am saddened to tell you that while I can relate to 5 of your things (especially sports and TV) that I cannot bake. I cook. No bake.

We aren't the identical twins I once thought us to be. *Tear*

♥Aubrey said...

Hi-Yaaaaaa!!! That's my karate chop for anyone that messes with you or your blog lady :)
Luv ya to pieces and you know that.

Ok...banana bread...YUMMO! Save me a piece.
Happy Wednesday to you and Bailey!!!

hotpants™ said...

I'm so glad I get to be the one with the tat and eyeliner.

You know who taught me karate?


carissajaded said...

Congrats on your awards girl!! I want to find whoever came up with the Master of Karate Award and give them a hug!! I have to say that I may be your rival at stalking, i mean conducting background checks....

Sole Matters said...

conducting background checks? INTERESTING…. I would love to know more on this!

jessalyn said...

yup- i totes got your back.

i too am a top notch investigator. imagine if we combined forces?

although i suck at cooking anything ever. so i would like you to bake for me please.
merci & major hearts.

Cathy said...

Hearts in your face!!! Sweet. Thanks!!

Oh, and congrats on winning them in the first place!

bananas. said...

Fuck yea! That is the coolest award evaaa. I'll take it!!! Thanks for love ninja. I too have a black belt in bitching and complaining. Comes in handy ;)

Kinsey Michaels said...

I awarded you with some blog love too, maybe 2 entries ago? haha CHECK IT OUT GIRL! <3 you deserve it.


Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I've got 2,4,5, and 6. Now just teach me how to make banana bread!

Brown Girl said...

Look at you racking up those awards. I love banana bread so why don't you bring some on over??

Marian said...

Congrats on the awards la-day!! I'm a lover of celebrity gossip and vampires as well. Show me a pale guy with pointy teeth and I'm on my knees swooning. But lets keep that between me and you...not the fiance;)

RedDreads said...

1. I can't swim at all. period. and I thought you'd find that interesting
2. I've deduced you're crazy because there is nothing in here for me

The Only Girl said...

Woot! Woot! Congrats on your awards. And can you PLEASE send me some banana bread? Maybe with some choco chips in it. Please?

Sarah Mina said...

congrats on your award! i found your blog through kinsey's...i am a texas girl too--houston. xoxo

Bathwater said...

Well see it just goes to show you, you don't have to be a woman to be a gorgeous lady of blogging. Besides what would all you women do without a little edge from us few guys who actually write about things besides sports and beer!

Ed Adams said...


Good stuff.

Masala Chica said...

if any little bitter troll comes at you again, you know I'd be on her like white on rice, my friend.

much love meredith!

Rasha said...

Awesome. Congrats on your awards!

At least I'm skinny said...

Those are all pretty good things to be awesome at. They're pretty much exactly what I strive for awesomeness in as well.

ScoMan said...

Oh damn and I left my fancy frock at home this time. What a disaster! But thank you for the award. You know I'm going to treasure that always.

And I also consider myself pretty good at background checks. From celebrities to "the guy I met at the pub on the weekend", coworkers always know who to turn to for the Internets opinion.

Jen said...

Just found your blog; it is so cute! You have a new follower :)

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I love that you are a champ at watching TV. I love watching marathons. I will also remember you if I ever need a P.I. for any given situation!

A Real Housewife said...

you totally deserve these awards....kick ass blog. loving/laughing my ass off at the 6 things you're badass at.

Shandal said...

Congrats on the awards!!! I love me some banana bread, but I haven't tried to make it yet...