Wednesday, January 20, 2010

some life lessons you should know

as i was laying in bed last night trying helplessly to fall asleep (i think i have a blood clot or something in my leg because it won't stop hurting.  seriously, i webMDed that shit and the side effect of one of the medications i'm taking is blood clots.  i'm probably a hypochondriac, but webMD speaks the truth)... anyways, i was trying to fall asleep and couldn't.  in my effort to fall asleep my mind started wandering to you all, my beloved readers and stalkers.  and while thinking about you all, i started thinking: what can i share with my lovers to make their lives a little better?  (see, i'm always looking out for you.  and i actually pray for a lot of you guys, too.  see, that's love right there.)  i thought about giving you some more lady gaga pics, but i realized not all of you appreciate the wonder that is the ga as much as me.  i thought about telling you the story of how i got sent to the principal's office on a weekly basis for constantly correcting my 4th grade teacher's terrible grammar.  i even considered putting up a bunch of pictures of me and letting you judge and critique me.  then i realized, i needed to share with you things i've come to know and hold as true in my life.  lessons i've learned, words i live by, what's important, etc.  i tried to steer away from the usual suspect cliches, though i'm sure some managed to find their way in there.  you may not agree with all of them, and that's okay.  these are some of the things that i've realized in the 20-something years of my existence:

- sometimes faith is all about taking that first step.

- lady gaga is amazing.  (sorry, had to give a shout out the the ga.)

- i'm intense in all my feelings and emotions and can be really difficult and a total bitch sometimes; but that just means i love stronger and deeper.

- if you have to ask "does this make me look fat?"  the answer is probably "yes" and you shouldn't wear it.

- age is simply a number.  (trust me, i know. quasi-bf is old and immature.)

- cockroaches are the spawn of satan.

{this is a lie.  the bastards live forever.}

- confidence is often the sexiest thing about a person.

- sometimes a sexy dress and a hot pair of heels is all you need for a moment.

- God is faithful even whenever we are not.

- if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  unless of course it's a blog giveaway and you win some beauties like these:

{i won this gorgeous handbag and umbrella from brunch at saks!}

{i won this mane necklace from elizabeth marie at it's unbeweavable!}

- if you suspect he/she is cheating, they probably are.  our instincts are often right.

- sometimes spending time with your family on a friday night playing board games and watching movies is the best way to spend your friday night.

- momma typically does know best.

- you can never pay to much for a great pair of jeans from nordie's.  (okay, that's a lie, but if you love them, you love them.)

- don't ever settle for anything.  you're better than that.

- marshmallows taste best when you eat the whole bag in two days or less; otherwise they aren't as fluffy tasting.

- i don't have to be in control of every situation.  (i'm still struggling with this one.)

- the people we push away are often the people we need most; it sometimes takes us awhile to figure this one out.

- i'm not always right, and i don't always have to be.  though, you should know, i am right approximately 97% of the time.

- you can't always change a situation or circumstance, but you can always change your attitude.

- food allergies and asthma suck, but not being able to eat and drink whatever the hell i want keeps me skinny.  and just like kate moss says: nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

- don't be afraid to take risks or chances.

- you're always stronger than you think you are, and God never gives us more than we can handle.

- forgiveness isn't saying what the other person did was right, forgiveness is saying that God is just and He will do what is right.

- surround yourself with people who love and support you and aren't afraid to tell you when you're being an awful person and need to change.


Shayna said...
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Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Ewww. Who the F is Shayna?

Didn't your mother teach you if you don't ave anything nice to say to keep your yap shut?

How's that for advice?

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Ok. Now on to my real comment.

I am super jealous of your food allergies. I think I need to try to catch one to help shake these pesky few pounds.

And there's always room for some Ga.

Shandal said...

Um... I thought your advice and insight on life was great! Not sure if number 1 joking or not...
I thought this was a really good post!

saltsays said...

Apparently Shayna has poor reading comprehension skills. These are things that have been realized, not pieces of advice.

Aaaanyway, where are you finding these giveaways, girl!? That necklace is to die for. And I'm with Monique...Ga is great in any situation.

jessalyn said...

i haven't read the whole post yet- which, by the way is amazing because it is long, and also, all your posts are amazing.

and i absolutely agree with monique. funny how shayna has no profile or anything, huh? must be easy to judge others when hiding behind anonymity.

Vic said...

Eff a Shayna.

That handbag is amazing, I think I'm going to buy it!

Masala Chica said...

Shayna. Go away. And don't come back. Haters are not welcome.

How's that for some life advice?

(Unless you were joking and now I feel bad because I am being a hater towards you. In which case, apologies in advance).

Now, what I really wanted to say.

I agree with almost all the points on this. Except the Nordie's one. Because I think you need to preface it with (Limit 2 per calendar year) or something cuz that could cause some financial wreckage, if you know what I mean.

XOXO to you Meredith! (not you shayna)

SG said...

Oh Dear is Shayna friends with that bitch that was commenting all over Morgan's blog last week. Ewww.

Anywayz I love your list, it's all very true!

jessalyn said...

ok now that i have had a chance to read them (i despise when work gets in the way of my blogs)- i agree with all of them. but of course i do, we are twins.

jessalyn said...

p.s. you win kick ass loot. i need some of your luck to rub off on me please.

J*me said...

I loved your post!! I think its great advice:) I'm new to your blog I cam across it by checking out my freind Laurens blog...I'm hooked!!

Shayna said...
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Classy in Philadelphia said...

Love this so much! Thanks for all these reminders. I agree with so many of them especially about mom's being right (ugh my mom is always right) and about not being able to control everything. Hard to accept, right?!

B-Dub said...

Shayna is on a roll today. Who asked you anyways?

Masala Chica said...

Is there a way to block anonymous losers with no life? and no balls to show their face either?

Shayna - show your face. I bet its as pretty as your effervescent personality.

Masala Chica said...

I just realized I am probably contributing to her being mean. I will refrain. Let us make a pact to ignore the troll, ok?

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

Drama! Loves it! Don't know if I agree with the one about pushing people away. I rarely push people away (attention whore). But the people who push me away I def don't need in my life! I am truly jealous of food allergies. When I heard that Kate Moss had said that I thought about it. What a revelation! Then I was like, bitch is crazy! I heard someone else say, "Has she not had bacon?"

jv726 said...

Wow Shayna is a bitter, bitter person! Anyway...good list! :)

Rasha said...

THese are funny... Love them

I hate cockroaches, and they do friggin live forever!

mommara said...

Yikes whoever that first commenter was was a dork because I'm almost 30 {shhhh dont tell} and I loved all of these things. Great advice and all so true!

hotpants™ said...

I'm more scared of cockroaches than snakes. Ew. Ew. Ew. Lady Gaga is amazeballs. Also, I love that you corrected your teather. That, my friend, is awesome.

hotpants™ said...

Or teacher. I love that you corrected your teacher.

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...


RedDreads said...

1. [...I'm intense in all my feelings and emotions and can be really difficult and a total bitch sometimes; but that just means i love stronger and deeper...]
This is exactly how I am and how I feel about my passion. Sometimes I just feel bad for the people I love dearly because they are the ones who stick around and get the brunt of my bitchiness.

2. [you can never pay to much for a great pair of jeans from nordie's...]
I'm a broke college student, yet this is completely my life motto.


3. [...i don't have to be in control of every situation...]
That is my constant struggle. I find it almost impossible to let anyone else take over the situation and just sit back. However, I'm getting better. I'm comfortable enough now to let my boyfriend surprise me and make all the decisions in a night, for example.

p.s. Thanks for your comment. It made my day!

RedDreads said...

P.S. ew shayna

meredith said...

THIS is why i freakin' love you guys.

thanks for all the wuv. seriously, you guys are all awesome.

cheers to shakin' them haters off!

Masala Chica said...

OMG - so funny. Megan you are hysterical:

"Then I was like, bitch is crazy! I heard someone else say, "Has she not had bacon?""

I am guessing she has NOT.


Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I love this list! And I love your bloggy blog! Hope you're having a wonderful day, cutie!

CurlyGirl Darc said...

damnnn shayna your cyber insults reall suit you well and will bring you far in life...especially juvenille slurs like "losers". good work girl, keep it up!

anyway...on a non-sarcastic note: loved your advice. as a teen girl reading this it really puts things in perspective for me and reminds me not to sweat the small stuff. :)

and for that i thank you...because personally i think you being a 20 something just adds more of an impact knowing what i'll be encountering in just a few years :)

Brown Girl said...

Ha, these were funny! How'd you win all that good shit? Gimme the secrets!

Karls said...

You won that kickarse necklace from Liz... I'm jealous!

foxy said...

Wow - all good reminders! And be careful with WebMD. They have to list everything that any symptom could ever possibly lead to just to CYA. But go get checked out though because that's just weird.

I have to say, I'm starting to build some respect for the ga. I'm trying anyway. She's really built herself up and become HUGE in no time, so that's something right there.

You know, we have so many mutual blog buddies, I figured I'd stop by for a visit and I love it in here! I think I'll stay a while... CHEERS! :)

Lindsey said...

shayna is jealous.... she should be! :)

LOVE the post doll!! Your blog always makes me laugh!!

I'm doing a giveaway tomorrow, you should stop by :)

Cee said...

I hope Shayna read all these comments! I just don't get some people.

Great post :)

Brittany said...

I love this post. I'm having a really rough day and this actually made me smile so thanks Meredith! :) And I don't care how old you are, your advice is wonderful!

P.S - Take your hateful comments somewhere else Shayna!

我 moi said...

brilliant blog :) very interesting too :)loving the layout of it as well :) happy new year to you :) !

Kiera said...

Shayna shayna shayna- what a stick in yhe mother effin mud.

When I can't sleep at night i think about blogging too! yours is great

MODG said...

shayna, I will show up at your house, with my fucking ghetto ass timbahlands on and kick your mouth in. I'll first dip my foot in acid though.
You're a twat hole. Come on over to MODG we will pour ranch down your throat and make you fat. I mean, way fatter than you already are. Loser.

MODG said...

obviously it was the "loser" part that really hurt her feelings.

Jay Ferris said...

If only Lady GaGa was my Momma.

bananas. said...

mama is always right. love that.

as am i...yup. always right. me, that is.

Marian said...

WebMD always speaks the truth!! We are all doctors in this world:)

Candice said...

I happen to think you are very insightful regardless of your age.

This was a great post!

Bathwater said...

Yes I have that tattooed somewhere, "Mayra is always right!" Right next to, "Shanyna is a jealous blog whore."

I do believe age is just a number.

And according to the tattoo on my left forearm you should, "question not the fairness of the moment." That's a Bathwater original that means do waste your time crying that's not fair! because all things even out in the end. Memento moi.

ScoMan said...

I love that you used to correct your teachers grammar. So you should. Some people shouldn't be teachers. They're not very smart.

And I know what you mean about the sexy dress and the hot heels.

Oh no, did I just type that?

Oh no, why aren't I hitting backspace?

Oh crap, why am I about to hit "Post Comment"?

I am Trish Marie said...

For real, Shayna? Shayna has given away that she is A. insecure with her age, by pointing out your lack there of B. fat, by obviously taking offense C. lack of social graces (which, you know, I totally have, because I would never call someone out on a public forum SHAYNA.).

Moving on... you really can't spend too much on jeans. Staple items should be quality. That's my rule.

Robin said...

Wow Ive learned some of the most awesome shit from 20 year daughter is 21 and taught me a whole world of stuff..and I like hearing your advise have a great perspective..! Im an old/new follower..I used to be (amomwithaview)..lost my blog though..awww..!its ok ..I have anew one..!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Hey if someone told me I looked 20, I'd be all like, hey b*tch, I'm takin you to dinner!

Life is Reed-iculous! said...

i'm happy to know if anyone ever posted something bitchy and hateful on LiR, that my blog friends would totally trash them to pieces!

lou said...

ok, even if you are 20 or however old you are... no matter. great words to live by!! thanks :) now, some of your bloggy pals/stalkers are scaring me way more than miss shayna (who is probably somebody's husband or boyfriend trying to stir the pot a little... guys love it when girls get feisty!!)
maybe time to steer clear of some of these cage fighter gals ;)

Erin said...

wow, shayna is such a sourpuss. I'm sorry she rained on your parade.

I thought this was a lovely post. I really enjoyed reading all these tidbits about you!!


Ignore the haters. We are here for you!

Britters said...

Ahahah "Losers" that's so funny. OMG, if anyone need a shoulder to cry on because that chick called y'all "losers" im here. Hahahah. and MODG I love you so much, you crack me the eff up..and are awesome for sticking up for our girl on here... I don't understand why people read things and then hate on them. Like seriously, it's her page, if you don't like it, then why the eff are you reading her page?!!?

Anyway. Loved this post. Love Gaga as well. I need her to come to my town and play a concert for me...She's amazing as are you :-)