Thursday, October 1, 2009

uncharted territory

i find myself in uncharted territory: the blogosphere.

now would be a good time to introduce myself; give you the low-down on the person behind the arial font. however, i find introductions overrated, plus, i'm not entirely ready for that. i mean, i don't want to move too fast. i'm sure you all understand. we've all been there: been in relationships where things moved too fast and the relationship ended with you hating the other person. yeah, we've all been there. that being said i'll save my introduction(s) for another day...

it was a surprisingly quiet day at the office. surprising for two reasons: 1. i am never actually in the office. i am typically driving all over my massive city shaking hands and kissing babies. well, i'm not actually shaking hands and kissing babies, i just meet with the elected officials who shake hands and kiss babies. anyways, i digress, my point is that i'm rarely in the office. and 2. when i am in the office, the phone is ringing constantly, or i'm in meetings, or our members are peeking their heads in my office wanting to "chat" and the "chat" typically ends up lasting 45 minutes. i'm thinking people may be out with the pig sniffles. if you haven't heard, it's the latest rage and i'm terrified of contracting a weird, mutated strain and dying from it. you'll find i'm afraid of a lot of things. cockroaches being one of them.

anyways, with my new found time this morning, i decided i should catch up on some housekeeping: some online shopping at banana (they're having a 40% off + 10% off online only sale), schedule a dentist appointment, make a hair and nail appointment, update my email signature line, reorganize my desk, color code my files, refill my purell hand sanitizer, and renew my driver's license online. online renewal is a wonderful thing, and it takes five minutes if you don't dwell on the "do you want to be an organ donor?" question for longer than three of those five minutes. i know the thought of organ donation freaks some people out; i.e. the whole cutting you open and taking your body parts part, but i watch so much bones, house, and discovery health channel, it leaves me relatively unaffected. (i really should have gone to med school.) knowing this question would come up, i contemplated it beforehand so as not to interfere with my five minute timeline. (another thing you'll find out about me is i have timelines. they promote organization, and organization promotes stability and sanity.) so when i get to the question, i quickly check the box. in that very moment, though my organs were still intact, i immediately felt like i had saved a life. triumphant, i decided to text the quasi-bf (i'll introduce him more later) and tell him the good news:

me: "i'm officially an organ donor. i think i was before, but i'm not for certain because it was years ago. anyways, i'm going to save a life one day. that's one lucky person who gets these organs."

quasi-bf: "no one's going to want your organs by the time you go. you're going to be 90."

me: "and you're going to be 106."


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