Wednesday, October 21, 2009

don't do drugs

so i know it's been a couple of days since i hit the blogosphere, but i have some good excuses for my brief hiatus:

monday:  my association hosted a political luncheon with our texas governor rick perry as guest speaker and a slew of elected officials from around the city, county, state, and nation.  it was a good turnout and the event ran smoothly.  even my bff sheila jackson lee made it with her entire entourage in tow.  if you don't know sjl, you need to read up on her.  fellow houstonians and texans, you know what i'm talking about.  i rushed back to the office for a meeting, then to the dentist to get my teefies cleaned.  if they had star charts at the dentist's office i would be leading, my dentist told me.  always a winner.

tuesday:  here's the funnest day of my week so far - started off with a three hour allergist appointment full of lots of fun testing and needle pokes.  needless to say, i reacted to most everything, so they took six viles of blood to be sent off for more accurate results.  i'm anemic and had only eaten a banana for breakfast so i was about ready to pass out after they sucked the blood from me.  (had it been edward cullen taking my blood, i would have happily obliged.  yes, folks i said it.)  my parents live near my office, so i had gone to ride with my mom to the appointment.  we're leaving the hospital and my mom's telling me i need to get food and then she says: oh sh*t, this guy's gonna hit us!  i'm confused and don't see anything out of my passenger side view mirror so i turn to look over the other side.  sure enough, a guy in a truck (it is texas, you know) is coming over and isn't stopping and slams into us.  long story short, the guy doesn't stop, instead he continues driving slowly swerving across all lanes of the highway.  my mom's fight or flight response kicks in - she's a fight person and is ready to beat some ass.  i'm not so brave.  she starts chasing the guy as i call 911.  we find a county sheriff and honk and flash our lights so he knows what's going on.  once we pass him and he obviously sees our effed up car, he starts in on the chase, too.  meanwhile, guy who hit us runs another car off the road.  another sheriff's vehicle and a wrecker see this and come to cut the guy off.  after 5-10 miles of chase, they stop the guy, throw him to the ground, handcuff him, and toss him in the cop car.  it was all quite dramatic and i felt like we were on an episode of cops.  five sheriff's vehicles come to our rescue and let us know an ambulance is coming.  my mom has pre-existing neck and back injuries from previous car accidents, so we were neck braced and loaded and strapped down to boards with rope and duct tape.  classy, huh?  the arresting officer came into the ambulance before we leave to let us know the guy who hit us was high on prescription drugs so he got a DUI, evading law enforcement/resisting arrest, and child endangerment (he had a 2-year old and a 4-year old in the car, both were in carseats so they were okay).  i stayed tied up, immobile on that damn board for about three hours still feeling faint, needing food, and having to pee.  we're finally let out of the hospital four hours after getting there.

wednesday:  i'm back in the office today.  my neck, back, and head are killing me.  i am still wanting the blood the doctors stole from me yesterday back, and my arms are still full of allergy testing pricks.

needless to say, i've had an exciting two days.

moral of the story: DON'T DO DRUGS.

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