Monday, October 12, 2009

reasons to love TLC programming

my family, many of my friends, and the quasi-bf all think i'm weird for loving freakishly bizarre medical and science shows.  (i'm telling you people i should have gone into the medical field.  problem was that the sciences weren't really my thing.)  seriously though, with shows like the following, how could you not love TLC programming?!

- human spiders (people with extra limbs or parasitic twins attached to their bodies.  cool, right?)

- the woman with the giant legs (self explanatory.  the woman has giant legs.)

- i didn't know i was pregnant (women who unexpectedly go into labor without ever knowing they were even preggers.  you might be asking: "how did they not know they were preganant?!!"  to which i respond: "i don't have a freakin' clue?  seems like you'd notice those things, but watch the show and find out.")

- little people, big world (dwarf couple with a family of four kids.  super cute.)

- untold stories of the ER (people go into the ER with crazy things.  one example: lady fell asleep; june bug crawled in her ear; ENT doc had to remove it before it burrowed into her ear drum.)

- extreme forensics (self-explanatory.)

- mystery diagnosis (one of my faves.  people with bizarre, seemingly unrelated symptoms which many doctors have failed to diagnose.  some of these people live years with their ailment/disease until one day they find the right doctor to tell them what the heck is wrong with them.  i watch this show often to see if my little sister's symptoms match any case shown on the show.)

- mermaid girl (another fave.  almost-10 year old shiloh is the only known living "mermaid."  she was born with her legs fused together, thus looking like a mermaid!  amazing, right?!)


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Um TLC, totally freaks me out

Intelligent Tool said...

Aw Shiloh died recently. Sad. She was the cutest lil thing.